Why Should You Hire A Professional Cleaning Contractor?

Why Should You Hire A Professional Cleaning Contractor? 

I think most of us would agree that first impressions count. We like to present ourselves in the best possible way and ensure we look smart, tidy and professional. Our business environment has a direct effect on our staff’s attitude and customers’ impressions.

Take a look around your current environment, whether it’s an office, factory floor, toilet or kitchen; does it look clean and well organised to you? Maybe now you’re looking, it’s not quite as clean as you first thought. 

Is there high cobweb dangling from the ceiling?. Maybe it’s time to think about hiring the professionals like Capitol Cleaning & Support Services 

There are many benefits in hiring a cleaning contractor rather than to do it yourselves; below is a list of them.


Structure is paramount in a well run organisation. By bringing in a commercial cleaning contractor like Capitol, you will have a contract which includes a detailed work schedule. Capitol prides itself on writing a tailored cleaning specification to suit each client’s needs, from cleaning, management even down to when we should be entering your building and at what time.

High level of standards 

There is more to cleaning than just “a quick vacuum” or “a quick wipe around” cleaning is one of the most important industries in the world as without hygienic environments the world would be riddled with bacteria, disease, sickness and lord only knows what else!. Capitol takes pride in what we do and takes “getting the job done right” seriously. That is why we are trusted by companies all over the country. We have highly trained and qualified staff that have years of experience who are committed to exceeding your expectations. 

Capitol uses only the best, professional cleaning products, from. Sustainable suppliers of which we have built excellent reputation with over our 17 years of trading. 


Many people opt out of hiring a cleaning contractor, as they assume that the cost will be too high. However, this really is not the case. If you work out the cost of hiring a cleaner directly, paying national insurance, taxes, supplies, managing the cleaning, which is something you might not be all that experienced in and all of the other related costs, in fact you would probably that outsourcing your cleaning service will transform into a very cost effective solution. 

Capitol looks to  sit down with our customers to discuss their requirements and make sure that they are at a reasonable cost that is manageable.

A whole new team 

When hiring a cleaning company you aren’t just getting cleaners, you are now getting a whole new team of support, such as area managers, dedicated account manager, cleaning admin team, supplies management, professional advice and list goes on. This means the whole task of cleaning has been taken away from you. 


We hope you found this blog useful as to the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning but of course if you need any further cleaning related advise you can always contact us via our quick online form or call us on 01992560955 and speak to our commercial cleaning experts