What is hybrid working?

Hybrid work is a flexible working model where employees work partly in the physical workplace, and partly remotely – at home or from another workspace.

Hybrid working has always been around but during the covid-19 pandemic hybrid working was seen as a way to keep businesses running, whilst keeping people out of the physical workplace. Once the pandemic calmed down a lot of businesses realised that actually their staff’s attitude, efficiency and mental health had improved. Not to mention huge cost savings to both the staff and businesses, so many businesses decided to keep operating hybrid working.

Why do businesses and staff save money with hybrid working?

Well think of those huge office spaces in London, costing tens or hundreds of thousands pounds each month to house their employees, the related costs such as electric, gas, travel expenses, meals and drinks out, and the list just goes on, all of a sudden that cost significantly reduced.

Does hybrid working eliminate the need for a cleaning company?

Of course not! Hybrid working simply changes the way a cleaning service needs to run. It means businesses are now operating from smaller or shared office spaces. In the case of shared office spaces, cleaning needs to increase and is more important than ever as there is more than one person sharing a desk. Footfall in a single office may have even increased as there are now more people than ever using that one space.