History of Capitol Cleaning and Support Services

How we started 

Lance Edwards, the founder of Capitol Cleaning and Support Services first made his entry into the  cleaning world when he was just 19 years old, where he started his journey working with a cousin  as a window cleaner for residential houses. This career continued for around 2 years before Lance  

moved into the commercial window cleaning sector as a sub-contractor for various cleaning  companies, cleaning windows with cradle, ladder and bosun chairs. 

Whilst working as a sub-contractor for one of the larger companies, Lance has presented an  opportunity to get involved with carpet cleaning, wood, marble and vinyl floor restoration,  something that grabbed his satisfaction, it was from that moment that the cleaning industry really  gripped his hold and Lance decided to continue expanding his knowledge of the industry. 

After spending many years working as an area manager looking after various contracts for the  company he was working for, Lance felt the time was right to move on to his own venture. It was  then that Capitol was born. 

What happened next? 

Capitol quickly won its first significant contract with a multi-site company with locations dotted  around the UK. Capitol’s service quality was recognised and the business continued to grow, with a  small but powerful management team and cleaners on the field. 


As we grew 

As Capitol continued to grow, the expansion identified organic issues that would need fixing, in  2015 Mason Edwards, Lance’s son joined Capitol. Growing up Mason has always been fascinated  by business and he always knew one day he would want to run his business. When Mason joined  Capitol he was on the field as a cleaner and was learning the industry from the ground up. He  identified the real potential to expand Capitol and to design brand new systems and procedures that  would see the business run more efficiently as it grew. 

Today Mason is a partner of the business and looks after all aspects of the alongside Lance, but with  a strong focus on business development and business growth. 


Where we are today? 

The year now is 2022 and after 16 years in a small office with a small team, Capitol has moved into  brand new premises 8 times larger than our previous office. The business is in the strongest position  it has ever been in, regularly acquiring news sites and continuing to expand its presence throughout  the UK for office, shop and communal area cleaning services. 

Capitol is constantly focusing on refining services and improving procedures in-line with growth to  ensure our service always remains the best in the industry. 

With our powerful team of cleaners and management, the sky really is the limit of where we will  take Capitol.