Washroom Services

Washroom Deep Cleaning

Washrooms are an ideal breeding ground for contagious viruses such as MRSA, E-Coli and Salmonella. It is vital that your washroom is protected from harmful bacteria such as these, and kept looking its best to leave a positive impression on staff and visitors to your premises.

As part of our washroom cleaning service, Capitol Cleaning & Support Services  provide a deep clean to washrooms in order to ensure that these harmful bacteria are eliminated and are left in exceptional condition for not only the best possible impression, but staff/customers safety.

Our washroom cleaning deep clean service includes:

Wall Tiles (including buffing)
Ceramic appliances
Fixtures & Fittings
Scrubbing of Floors

Our Professional team of cleaners are trained and qualified in using essential cleaning agents and equipment.

Whether your washroom needs a one off deep clean, or a regular preventative maintenance programme, Capitol Cleaning & Support Services  will work together with you, so you can choose a service that best suits your budget and requirements.

Capitol Cleaning & Support Services also provide a Cubical and hand-care service as part of our washroom cleaning service that includes:

Sanitary Disposal Bins Sharps bins Hand Dryers Air fresheners Soaps and dispensers Tissue and dispensers Acid Cleaning & de-scaling

All soap and paper consumables are provided through out sister company, Capitol Cleaning Supplies, at hugely competitive prices. Please visit www.acecleaningsupplies.co.uk to view our range.


Sanitary bins are vital in washroom hygiene. Sanitary waste is a controlled waste. It must be disposed of under strict legislation in UK. By law all companies must keep copies of ‘duty of care’ certificates and waste transfer documentation to certify that sanitary waste is being handled and disposed of in the correct manner.

Sanitary bins are required in all public washrooms and even if you only have one female employee, it is still a legal requirement to have a sanitary bin on site. You have an obligation to abide by the following Act’s and Regulations:

Environment Protection Act 1990:-
This act places a legal ‘Duty of Care’, to ensure that all sanitary waste produced on your premises is correctly managed right up to the point of final disposal.

The Water Industries Act 1991:-
Stipulates that no item should be flushed away that can cause harm to the sewer or drain.

Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992:-
Sanitary waste facilities – Regulation 21 of the Approved Code of Practice, advises that, “in the case of water closets used by women, suitable means should be provided for the disposal of sanitary dressings.”

High standards of washroom hygiene are vital for staff and customer wellbeing, and Capitol Cleaning & Support Services has the experience and capacity to meet all the washroom hygiene needs.

Our industry-leading products and services, delivered throughout the UK, guarantee a workplace environment that’s not just safe and clean, but fully compliant with UK legislation.

Our dedicated team will offer you the best advice on the provision of ladies washroom facilities, as well as legal obligations should you require it.

Acid Cleaning & De-scaling

Capitol Floor & Hygiene Maintenance Ltd offer an exceptional Acid Cleaning & De-scaling service as part of our washroom cleaning service that will make your washroom ceramics looking like new!

As you are probably aware, daily washroom cleaning and disinfecting will not prevent a long term build up of scale from forming around urinals, tap, toilets etc.

The only way to really get rid of all this unsightly looking scale is through our Acid Cleaning & De-scaling service.

This service consists of using acid to break down the limescale, and rinsing away with water.

This also helps prevents blocking of limescale through the pipes in which the water runs through.