Pressure Cleaning

We spend a lot of time and money building, decorating and on general upkeep of our properties, but the part that we use the most is probably the most neglected.

Your Driveway is being used daily by foot and by car, it is covered in surface dirt, moss, mildew, algae, birds droppings, weeds and not forgetting the oil that has leaked from the car.

All of these not only look unsightly but also become dangerous as they do cause slips and falls. If someone should fall you may be liable for their injuries.

Now that it has been bought to your attention, are you happy with the main entrance to your property?

Capitol Cleaning & Support Services specialise in mobile pressure cleaning, our vehicles are fully fitted out with the latest equipment and environment friendly chemicals.

We Pressure Clean:

Block Paving & Patios Paths Brickwork & Concrete Asphalt Fences & Decking Garden Furniture Tarmac Car Parks

A full range of aftercare service is then available from deck, fence and wooden garden furniture staining, to concrete painting and sealing. All can be applied in a wide range of colours.

Sealing will protect your paving from the future growth of weeds, moss, algae and prevent water penetration.